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Affordable Healthcare Act

Find out what the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obama Care) means to you and your family. ATU will be answering questions about the Healthcare Act, it's affordability, and it's impact on your life. Find out more at the ATU 1433 Healthcare Conference and enrollment assitance meeting. Click the link below to see full event details.

Event Deatils

Bus Strike Ended; First Transit and Union Reach Agreement

A service that so many rely on will run tomorrow, connecting our residents to work, and our students to their first day of school, we’re pleased that First Transit and ATU reached an agreement that unifies bus service in the East Valley. - Mark Mitchell, Tempe Mayor

Many transit riders, especially in the East Valley, can relax knowing that they can continue to rely on Valley Metro bus service tomorrow and into the future. The bus strike is now over with a tentative agreement reached on Sunday between Valley Metro’s East Valley bus operator, First Transit, and the bus operators’ union, ATU 1433

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