Talking Turkey - Message from International President Hanley

In a video message ATU International President Larry Hanley discusses the latest battles and issues impacting ATU members across North America.

Hanley talks of the outrageous news that BART management is reneging on a ratified contract after members went out on two strikes over the past few months. Not surprisingly, BART’s hired gun Tom Hock, who negotiates for Veolia, is at the center of this controversy.

As ATU members in the Midwest pick up the pieces from the devastating tornadoes that destroyed homes and property, Hanley asks members to contribute to the ATU Disaster Relief Fund to assist in the recovery. You can contribute via the ATU website here.

Hanley talks of two interesting stories that can be found on the ATU website. One discusses CEOs' attempts to further gut hard working people by slashing Social Security benefits. The other is about Swiss citizens voting on a law to create a “maximum wage”, where no Swiss company would be able to pay its top executives more in a month than the company’s lowest-paid workers make in a year.

“I want all officers and members to constantly watch our website for opportunities for training. We are busy trying to provide the best possible training,” said Hanley reminding members that Convention training materials can be found on the ATU website. He also recognizes the strong efforts of Local 1624 to fight driver fatigue in Canada as well as the ATU scholarship contest for children of members.